Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.


How to send ToS and privacy policy emails without hurting your reputation

Whether it’s an update to your terms of services, a change to your privacy policy, or financial audit information, chances are that you have to send emails about important (and sometimes legally required) information from time to time. These types of emails aren’t all that exciting, but it’s still important that you get them right. Because if you don’t, you risk losing your subscribers’ trust and might damage your sending reputation.

But don't worry. We've collected the key best practices to help you make these types of sends a success.

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Message Streams Office Hours: Recap and Q&A

We know you're a curious bunch—and we love answering your questions. So we started a brand new webinar series, Postmark Office Hours, where you get to ask the Postmark team all your burning questions.

Our first session was all about Message Streams, Postmark's clever way to separate promotional and transactional email. Here's the webinar recording along with a written version of your questions and our answers.

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