Great deliverability without upgrading to dedicated IP. Some providers say it can’t be done. We disagree.
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Unrivaled involvement and concern for your emails.

We’re a small profitable company that cares a great deal about great delivery for you.

It’s not just our delivery that’s fast.

On average, we respond to your emails in under three hours. (And we’re still not satisfied with that speed.) If you have a question during business hours, you can use live chat for an instant response. And you’re not getting a B-team. Everyone at Postmark knows transactional email forwards and backwards, and if they don’t have an answer for your question, they’ll introduce you directly to the engineer who does.

I had a major support issue but you and your team managed it well, apologized, and made it right in the end. The reliability is out of this world, and being able to know specifically why emails bounce, when they’re opened, and send that data back to our customer in the UI or via email is out of this world.

Since we only do transactional email, we know that every email matters.

Our team lives and breathes transactional email, and we know how important each and every single email is to your customers. Our team will dig into even the most obscure delivery issues and edge cases with you and do everything possible to get every single email to the inbox. We’ve helped identify a customer’s domain causing emails to go to spam as well another customer’s phone number in their emails sending notifications to spam. Regardless of the cause, we’ll always help you get to the bottom of things.

Around the clock, and around the world, we’re on top of things.

While we don’t offer 24/7 email or chat support, we monitor every aspect of Postmark around the clock. And we’re not just checking for downtime. If sending slows down even a little bit, we’ll be all over it. We’re so confident in Postmark’s reliability that our status page gives you more than uptime. You can see our inbox rates and time to inbox for each of the major mailbox providers right on our status page.

Postmark takes care of everything for us. Any time we’ve had a question or had a snag, their support team has always been fantastic. They either know the answer to a question straight away, or they dig in and get to the bottom of it with the entire team.

A library of useful content to help you send better emails.

We work hard to create guides, help docs, and open source projects that help you send effective transactional email.

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We’re a small, profitable company that answers only to you, our customers.

Postmark is run by Wildbit, a software company founded in 1999 in Philadelphia. We built Postmark while running Beanstalk because we felt completely blind about emails being sent from our web app. With our existing knowledge in email delivery, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves, and Postmark was born. We’re profitable, debt-free and privately owned. Since 2010 we’ve sent billions of emails for customers, bringing better visibility and inbox rates for transactional email.

When you get in touch, you will not only hear from Dana and Patrick on support. Every person gets involved to give you the best answers possible, whether it is from a developer, the systems team or Chris and Natalie (the founders).

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