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Creating proposals is a hassle, one that Kyle Racki is intimately familiar with handling. You need to keep your team and your clients in the loop, make sure everything gets signed, and keep track of new projects, revenue, and your close rate. Kyle had a vision to streamline the process, and Proposify was the result.

When email is mission critical

A really important part of the value Proposify provides their customers is emailing proposals and keeping everyone in touch with the progress of projects. We talked to Kyle recently, and he said, “Email is absolutely, 100% critical to Proposify. We use it to get users verified, to let them invite team members, and get notified about activity happening in their account. Things like comment notifications, daily/weekly summaries, and proposal acceptance, and most important of all: Send their clients time-sensitive proposals and get sign-off so they can close deals.”

Missing emails cost us time, our customers time and eroded their trust in us

Because reliably sending email is one of the values Proposify provides to their customers, it was a real problem when their last email service provider wasn’t delivering. “We were using one of your competitors because they featured a freemium plan. However we were getting complaints on a weekly basis that emails weren’t reaching clients. On occasion, we’d hear this on a daily basis too. When we checked with our provider they said everything was being delivered - which was incredibly frustrating. Other times, emails were getting stuck in the queue and getting delayed for 10, 20, 30 or more minutes. When someone emails their client through our app, they expect it to send right away.”

Deciding to switch to Postmark

Kyle had enough, and started asking his friends who they use to send email. “I was talking to a friend, complaining about our email problem, and he recommended Postmark. He had worked with a few other providers too, and said Postmark was better in every way.”

The things Proposify loves about Postmark

To get started the Proposify team started exploring the Postmark platform to see how they could improve the way Proposify uses email. “Once our engineers started digging into the API, they found it was very powerful and easy for us to integrate our product. There were a few happy surprises we didn’t expect, like open tracking. Being able to notify our customers if an email didn’t get delivered and tell them why, or showing them when an email was opened really made our customers happy. These little touches really took Postmark above and beyond everyone else. It blows every other transactional email product out of the water.”

On top of these technical benefits, Kyle had this to say about the account tools, “The admin interface is very simple and focuses on what I care about most: Viewing delivery/bounce rate, finding specific emails to view whether or not they sent, and viewing the status of sender signatures. The only thing I wish was that I could give my team members access to everything including server settings, signatures and credentials."

No more kinks in the email pipeline

“Our email problem with our customers was so bad we dedicated almost an entire release cycle to improving it and we wouldn’t have gotten there without Postmark. Other than an edge case here or there, since switching to Postmark, our support tickets regarding email delivery have plummeted to zero. That alone makes Postmark worth its weight in gold.”

Postmark responds when there’s a problem

At Postmark we work hard to make sure everything just works, but occasionally there are bumps in the road. Kyle said this about his experience with Postmark, “I had a major support issue but you and your team managed it well, apologized, and made it right in the end. The reliability is out of this world, and being able to know specifically why emails bounce, when they’re opened, and send that data back to our customer in the UI or via email is out of this world.”

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