Better deliverability for all your application email

Introducing different sending streams for different types of messages. The same unparalleled deliverability.

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Over the past nine years we’ve established a reputation as the fastest and most reliable provider in the industry for your transactional email. Now we’re ready to expand Postmark to become the most reliable provider for all your API-based email. Yes, this includes your marketing and promotional emails!

Our mission is to make email painless and enjoyable for development teams, and we’re in the unique position to both preserve our world-class transactional service and superior deliverability while using that experience to build the ultimate marketing/promotional sending environment in parallel.

Protected deliverability with Message Streams

We know what you’re thinking. Won’t this affect transactional email? The answer is a solid no. We’re proud of being able to provide exceptional deliverability to our customers and would never want to jeopardize that.

Based on our experience, we have always recommended separating marketing/promotional and transactional traffic using different sending IPs and From domains. They have entirely different origins as well as vulnerabilities, and so following our own advice we’ve chosen to create a separate but parallel infrastructure for them. That means transactional and marketing/promotional traffic do not mix in Postmark, including when it comes to IP ranges. This follows best practices for separating email reputation as recommended by inbox providers like Gmail.

We’re integrating this philosophy directly into Postmark with the introduction of Message Streams, a new way to organize and separate your sending by message type.

Screenshot of message streams feature in Postmark
Our vision for Message Streams in Postmark.

Right now you can use Message Streams for your transactional and inbound messages, but soon we’ll be releasing the ability to create additional, custom Message Streams for any purpose. Including Message Streams for your marketing/promotional messages.

Built for developers, not marketers.

Our mission is still to create the most painless and enjoyable experience for developers, not marketers. We not trying to compete with the likes of Mailchimp or other email marketing platforms.

Our goal is to fill in the gaps we see in transactional vs. marketing/promotional messages, to be able to send more of that grey area mail that may not be pure marketing/promotional but does need to go out to multiple recipients at once. Traditionally we rejected all messages like this, which based on feedback from our customers split their app’s messages across multiple providers. By accepting more of those high quality, high engagement messages, we can eliminate the need to use multiple providers and make life easier for developers.


So you’re just accepting everyone as a customer now?

Postmark will never be an open door to any sender. We’re still manually vetting each potential customer, chatting with them one-on-one about what they send and why. Unlike some other providers who accept almost anyone who will hand them money or free data, we’re dedicated to supporting only senders who follow and exceed best practices. Of course just in case someone is especially clever at hiding their intentions, we’ve also built internal anti-abuse systems that not only help us analyze all senders’ performance but can stop potentially spammy messages before they’re even sent. Our marketing/promotional email project has provided even more opportunities to build on and improve those systems that preserve our exceptional deliverability and high standing with receiving ISPs.

Will you support list management?

We’re creating tools for managing unsubscribes and suppression lists, but you’ll need to continue managing your main email lists outside of Postmark. You can keep your lists in-sync with Postmark using a new unsubscribe webhook.

How much will it cost to send marketing/promotional messages?

Marketing/promotional messages will count towards the monthly email limit for your chosen subscription plan just like transactional and inbound messages. There will be no additional add-ons or fees to send marketing/promotional messages. For more information on our subscription plans, check out our pricing page.

For customers still using our old credits pricing, each marketing/promotional message will consume one credit.

When will I be able to send marketing/promotional messages with Postmark?

We’re aiming to launch support for marketing/promotional messages in the first half 2020.