Email analytics

Unparalleled insight into each and every single email and recipient.

If a customer can’t find their email, you need detailed insight into when it was accepted by the mail server and opened by the recipient.

Access 45 days of full content message history.

Postmark includes a searchable activity feed with all the transactional emails sent in the previous 45 days. You can filter by delivery events, tags, or date and view the message or the activity history for all messages sent to a specific email address.

Activity Feed

Get detailed insight and content previews for every message.

Postmark stores the full content and message event history for every email for 45 days. That means you can look up a specific email or see event history for a specific email address for the last 45 days. Need more than 45 days? Our messages API makes it easy to backup as much history as you need.

See the full content of your emails

Track bounce, delivery, open, and link click events with ease.

Not only will you know when emails were bounced, delivered, and opened (and by who) — as well as what links they clicked on — you can use Postmark’s web hooks to notify your application of the most common events so that you know exactly what’s going on with each and every email you send.

Manage bounces and other delivery problems

Understanding what types of emails are bouncing, being marked as spam, or being blocked by an ISP makes it easy to know when an email was sent and what happened to it. On top of all the tracking info, in almost four years with Postmark, I can’t remember a single time an outage impacted our business.

Detailed information on every single email, its recipients, and message events.

In addition to storing the full content of your emails, Postmark also records when the receiving mail server accepted the email, whether there were any errors with recipients, and with open tracking enabled, when the email was read, by who, and from what email client and location.


Access to each recipient’s message and delivery history.

Need to research the history of a specific email address? Maybe it’s bouncing? Maybe there are soft bounces like a full inbox? Maybe it’s a simple typo? Postmark organizes all of the history and activity for each email address so you can get the full story with minimal effort.

High level reports and analytics for proactive improvements.

Postmark tracks an incredible amount of granular detail, but sometimes, it helps to see the high-level trends so you can work on improving open rates for your welcome emails or decrease bounces across the board. Send better emails with lessons learned from your Postmark dashboards.

High level reporting of how your emails are performing

Tagging lets you group specific sets of emails for easier reporting.

Ever wondered if the open rate for your welcome emails is as good as your receipts? What if your comment notifications are bouncing or being reported as spam by your users? Postmark’s tags let you view reports for each set of emails in isolation so you you have the data you need to always improve your emails.

See how a specific filter is performing

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