When you can’t afford to lose an email.

As low as $0.25 per 1,000 credits.

Free Your first 25,000 credits are on us!

  • 1 Credit = 1 Email sent or processed

    1 Credit = 1 Email sent or processed

  • Credits never expire

    Credits never expire. Use them as you need them.

  • Money back guarantee on unused credits

    Money back guarantee on unused credits.

  • Your first 25,000 credits are free

    Your first 25,000 credits are free. Really!

Volume pricing

Save money with volume pricing

Let us know how many emails your application sends or receives monthly, and we’ll find you the biggest saving.

Credits Price/1,000 Min. Cost
1,000+ $1.50 $1.50
200,000+ $1.25 Save 17% $250
500,000+ $1.00 Save 33% $500
1,000,000+ $0.75 Save 50% $750
2,000,000+ $0.50 Save 66% $1,000
5,000,000+ $0.25 Save 83% $1,250
Best value for you

What’s the best tier for you?

Let us know how many emails your application sends or receives monthly, and we’ll find the sweet spot for your volume.

Transactional email only. We don’t allow bulk emails. Find out why.

Dedicated IPs are available at no charge to high volume senders. Read why we think they’re a bad idea for other senders.


One of the best things about it so far is how responsive the product has been. We’re right on the edge of what people are doing with email, and the Postmark team has been incredibly responsive at helping us, or even building new functionality to meet our needs.

Cliff Chang

Cliff Chang
Product Engineer at Asana

All accounts come packed with these features

Unmatched delivery

Unmatched deliverability

  • Globally redundant SMTP and API infrastructure
  • Unmatched inbox rates (watch us prove it)
  • Shared IPs, not dedicated
  • ISP Feedback Loops for processing spam complaints
  • DKIM and SPF support on your domain
Inbound email processing

Inbound email processing

  • Parse and post emails directly into your applications
  • Quoted reply parsing
  • Unique inbound address or using your own domain
  • Spam score and DKIM/SPF compatibility
Statistics and delivery troubleshooting

Statistics and delivery troubleshooting

  • 45 days of searchable email history including full content
  • Open tracking per recipient and campaign
  • Geo location, email client and platform statistics
  • Bounce handling
Built specifically for web apps

Built specifically for web apps

  • Isolated sending and API access for each application
  • Webhooks
  • API support for every feature in Postmark
  • Multiple user access

Join thousands of happy companies using Postmark

Postmark is a blackbox which works. It’s apparent that the guys at Wildbit really care enough to scratch an itch the entire SaaS world needs help with, and they’ve nailed it.

Craig Bryant

Craig Bryant
Co-Founder of We Are Mammoth

Postmark takes care of everything for us. Any time we’ve had a question or had a snag, their support team has always been fantastic.

Joel Flory

Joel Flory

What happens when credits run out?

To avoid lost emails or delayed sending, Postmark will automatically send alert emails when your credits are close to running out. Or better yet, set your credits to auto-renew and never worry about interruption.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express. All purchases can be made instantly in your account and credits are applied right away. We do not accept PayPal or Purchase Orders.

Do you offer a free trial?

Absolutely. We offer 25,000 free credits, allowing you to send 25,000 emails before you purchase. If you like what you see, just purchase more.

Do credits ever expire?

Nope. No matter how many credits you purchase, they never expire. Use them whenever you want.

Why is Postmark for transactional email only?

By focusing on transactional email only, ISPs can build a reputation on consistent, high engagement messages. This allows us to have extremely fast delivery to the inbox without tarnishing our reputation from large promotional email campaigns that sit in the queue.

Wildbit supports bootstrapped companies


The best companies use the best services to power their businesses. Bootstrapped companies can’t always afford the best from the start, so we’re offering 50,000 free credits for companies that are charging for their products and have not taken any outside funding. Contact support@postmarkapp.com to find out how.