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How does Monthly Pricing work?

Postmark offers several monthly plans starting at 10,000 emails/month. A sent Transactional and Broadcast message, a Sandboxed test message, and processed Inbound message all count as 1 email. Each CC'd or BCC'd address also counts as 1 email. Use our pricing calculator below to figure out the best plan for you.

  • If you are looking for High-Volume Plans we encourage you to get in touch by Contacting us.
  • We offer a Free Developer plan for testing purposes only. This Developer plan is limited to 100 emails a month with no monthly overages allowed.
  • Overages on regular monthly plans are calculated at the end your monthly plan cycle and included with your plan cost for the upcoming month.
  • Unused emails in your plan will not roll over into the next month.

You can upgrade, downgrade and cancel your plan at any time#

To upgrade from the Free Developer plan, simply enter your credit card details and you will be charged for your new plan right away. When upgrading to a higher plan you will be placed in the new plan immediately but not charged right away. New charges (prorated increase based on when you upgraded, as well as any overages) will happen at the start of the next billing cycle. If you are on a paid plan and decide to downgrade to a lower (or the free) plan, you will be placed in the new plan immediately. We will then apply a prorated balance to your account at the end of the billing cycle.If you have already incurred overages you can downgrade to the Free plan at any time. You will be charged for any overages right away.

When downgrading, a “credit” will be added to your account for the prorated amount at the end of the billing cycle. If you incur overages on your new downgraded plan, these will be charged at the end of your billing cycle (minus whatever prorated credit is available). You can cancel your account at any time, if any overages have been incurred they will be charged at the time of cancellation. The cancellation can proceed once a successful charge for overages has been completed.

Postmark separates outbound mail through Message Streams. Bulk or announcement emails can only be sent through Broadcast Message Streams. Dedicated IPs are also available at $50/mo for senders on the 300,000 emails/mo or higher plans, though we think they’re a bad idea for senders with lower volumes.

Please note — if you are an existing customer on a credits-based plan: in December 2022, we made the decision to retire credits-based plans by July 2023. If you’re on one of our legacy credit plans, we’ll ask you to migrate to a Postmark subscription. If you switch to a subscription and still have a balance of purchased credits in your Postmark account, we will “buy” back your credits at the rate of your last purchase and put it towards your new monthly plan. Learn more.

Last updated January 3rd, 2023

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