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How do I switch from a Credits based account to a Monthly Plan?

The ability to purchase credits (and credits auto-renew) was disabled on July 5, 2023. Customers who were on the credits-based billing model will only see Plans & Add-ons when viewing the Account section. The "Buy Credits" section has been removed and redirected to Plans & Add-ons.

Plans & Addons in Account section

Clicking on Plans & Add-ons will show you all available Plans:

What happens to the existing credits on my account when I switch?

Any existing credits you purchased before July 5 won’t go to waste: we’ll “buy those back” and apply the balance as an account credit. This happens automatically. You can see a preview of the account credit you'll receive on the " Plans & Add-ons" page in your account. 

If you've had a Postmark account for a very long time, you might have signed up under a promotion that granted you free credits. It's not possible to sell free credits back to us and get an account credit. If you switch to a subscription, the free/promo credits are forfeited/lost. You can continue using those free credits until they run out and switch after that. 

When you choose a new monthly plan and have a balance from a credits buy back you will not get charged for your new monthly plan until the credit balance has been fully used up.

If you have a credit balance of 0, a negative balance, or have never made a purchase, simply choose a new plan and enter your credit card details. You will be moved to the new monthly plan immediately and charged at this time.

Please note that even if you have made a credits purchase in the past you will be required to enter your credit card details to move to a monthly plan.

Last updated July 6th, 2023

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