How do I switch from a Credits based account to a Monthly Plan?

Existing customers who signed up before December 13, 2017 will now see a new "Plans" tab in the Account section

Clicking on the Plans tab will show you all available Plans

If you have an existing credit balance greater than 0 and have made a purchase we will “buy” back your credits at the rate of your last purchase and put it towards your new monthly plan. (Rounding up to the nearest 1,000)

When you choose a new monthly plan and have a balance from a credits buy back you will not get charged for your new monthly plan until the credit balance has been fully used up.

If you have a credit balance of 0, negative or have never made a purchase simply choose a new plan and enter your credit card details. You will be moved to the new monthly plan immediately and charged at this time.

Pease note that even if you have made a credits purchase in the past you will be required to enter your credit card details to move to a monthly plan with no exceptions.

Last updated December 13th, 2017

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