Great deliverability without upgrading to dedicated IP. Some providers say it can’t be done. We disagree.

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Meet our fantastic customer success team

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our customer success team is here to help! Take a moment to get to know the people handling your support requests.

  • Abdullah Al-hennawy

    Abdullah Al-hennawy

  • Anita Pericic

    Anita Pericic

  • Anna Ward

    Anna Ward

    Head of Deliverability and professional picnicker.

  • Brian Kerr

    Brian Kerr

    Customer Centric. Purveyor of fine coffee. Part time cyclist.

    Meet Brian
  • Dana Chaby

    Dana Chaby

    Fitness fanatic, sport fishing enthusiast, and software support goddess. Dana enjoys helping Postmark customers from her beach house on the east coast.

    Meet Dana
  • Fionnuala Walls

    Fionnuala Walls

    Hailing from County Derry in Northern Ireland, Fionnuala is all about coffee (sometimes "Irish"!), live music and running after her kids.

    Meet Fionnuala
  • Jordan Dibb

    Jordan Dibb

    Really likes 🍩 and 🍦. And 🥧. And food. Watches Breaking Bad when not watching Arrested Development. 🐝?! Minnesotan dontcha know.

    Meet Jordan
  • Natalie Keshlear

    Natalie Keshlear

    Outdoors enthusiast, book nerd, lover of dogs, photography, music and mountains.

  • Shelley Jeżewska

    Shelley Jeżewska

    A fan of a chilled out life and a cup of tea, Shelley enjoys helping Postmark customers from her home in Poland.

    Meet Shelley

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Other Projects & Tools

Browse our collection of free transactional email tools.

  • DMARC Reports
    DMARC Reports

    A free tool to monitor & implement DMARC.

  • MailMason

    A complete toolset to streamline building and updating a set of consistent transactional emails.

  • SpamCheck

    Instantly check the spam score of your email messages.

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