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Introducing the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign

Since Postmark joined the team at ActiveCampaign, we have been busy developing ways to connect the two tools, and we’re excited to share the first big milestone with you: Introducing the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign.

With the new Postmark App for ActiveCampaign, you can set up and trigger transactional emails from within ActiveCampaign, making it easier than ever to embed transactional emails into your workflows.

Add transactional emails to your automations with the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign #

If you’re new to ActiveCampaign, you should know the platform offers one of the most powerful (and most loved) marketing automation solutions out there. With marketing automations, you can combine different types of triggers, delays, and actions into custom workflows that help grow your business without you having to do any manual work—from setting up a welcome series for your customers, to nurturing prospects based on the activities they do (or don’t do) on your site, or staying in touch with customers after a purchase.

And now, with the launch of the Postmark App, you can seamlessly integrate transactional emails into your automations.

Let’s say you’d like to send an email receipt to a customer who just made a purchase before continuing to nurture that customer with promotional emails. Your automation could look like this:

Adding transactional emails to your automations is easy with the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign

How to add transactional emails to your automations in ActiveCampaign #

To get started, find the “Send a transactional email” app in your automation actions and drag it into your automation. If you’re using the Postmark integration for the first time, you’ll have to connect ActiveCampaign to your Postmark account. We have a detailed walkthrough of how that works here. You can then decide which ActiveCampaign template you’d like to use, set your subject line, select the transactional Message Stream you’d like to send through, and you’re ready to go!

Once you activate your automation, Postmark will send your transactional email whenever a customer enters this stage of the workflow. 🚀 ✉️

Use ActiveCampaign’s email editor to create transactional emails #

You don’t love wrangling email HTML? ActiveCampaign’s powerful drag-and-drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful designs for your transactional emails. Once you’ve created a new template in ActiveCampaign, you can access it via the Postmark App from your automations.

Follow best practices of separating promotional and transactional emails, while still managing them in one workflow #

Separating your marketing messages from your transactional email is one of the golden rules for protecting your email delivery and providing a great experience for your customers. With Postmark and ActiveCampaign, you have the tools to handle all types of emails that your business is sending and with the new integration, you’re one step closer to managing them all in a single tool—and we can’t wait for you to check it out.

Try the app today →

🔮 Our vision: All customer touchpoints in a single place #

Together with our friends at ActiveCampaign, we’re working on a tighter integration of Postmark and ActiveCampaign to create a unified view of all messages so that you can manage all your customer touchpoints in one place—and create an outstanding customer experience. You’re just as excited about that vision as we are? Let us know your email and we’ll keep you updated as we’re launching the next milestones towards that vision.

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