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Email templates

Responsive, highly compatible, and nicely integrated templates.

Building, testing, and managing email templates is tedious and time-consuming. So let us handle it.

What if you didn’t have to spend hours or days testing emails?

Postmark includes pre-built templates and layouts for common types of transactional emails like welcome emails, password resets, receipts and invoices, trial expirations, user invitations, and comment notifications. With our editor and tools, you have complete control over customizing each template to fit your exact needs.

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HTML, plain text, variables, iterators. Edit your templates with ease.

You can edit your templates right in Postmark, send yourself a test email, and switch between HTML and text versions. These are powered by Mustachio, our lightweight, powerful, flavorful, templating engine so you can create dynamic templates with minimal effort. Just add styles in the head of your email, and Postmark will automatically inline all of your CSS for maximum email client compatibility.

Postmark template editor

Easily edit and manage multiple templates.

With Postmark Layouts you can reuse common elements like CSS, Headers, and Footers across all of your email templates. So making changes across multiple templates is a breeze.

And if you like testing things out in a staging environment before making your templates live, you can easily push template changes between environments.

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Preview changes right in your browser.

Just need to make a small change and want to do a quick spot check to make sure the email still looks right? Switchover to preview mode and look at that email sparkle. You can even update your test variables right in the browser and see the preview updated in real-time.

Postmark Template Preview

Once your template is ready, we provide ready to use API snippets to make integration a breeze. We include pre-populated snippets with the exact code you need to use the template in your language of choice.

Postmark template editor

Need more control? Try MailMason.

We needed some tools to help us create, test, and manage the templates available in Postmark. So we built them. And then we made them open source. MailMason gives you all the power of partials, variables, SASS, and asset management in one neat little package. You can use our templates to kickstart your process or you can start from scratch. Either way, managing and testing your email templates just became a whole lot easier. And faster. And, dare we say it, fun?

MailMason – A powerful email templating workflow built by Postmark

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