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A complete toolset to streamline building and updating a set of consistent transactional emails.

Free for commercial use under the MIT License.

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What is MailMason?

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MailMason uses Grunt, Handlebars, and Sass in conjunction with layouts and partials to reduce redundancy and create both the HTML and plain text versions of your transactional emails in one fell swoop.

MailMason was born out of our desire to have a tool kit for generating a consistent set of transactional email templates for use within Postmark’s templating feature. However, it’s something that anyone can take and fork to help them maintain their own set of email templates.

By default, the generated templates use Mustachio for the variable placeholders so that you can easily use them as Postmark templates. However, the Mustachio pieces are only placeholders, and the generated templates could easily be adapted to work with any email provider.

Why use MailMason?

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  1. Get a thoroughly tested and reliable starting point for building consistent email templates.
  2. Use Sass for generating styles.
  3. Automatically generate plain text emails with the same content as the HTML versions.
  4. Batch test your emails against the Postmark Spamcheck API.
  5. Easily upload image assets to your CDN so you can include images in your templates.
  6. Use Handlebars to enable layouts and partials in templates and avoid redundancy.
  7. Automatically inline the resulting CSS to maximize email client compatibility.
  8. Easily send test emails through your Postmark account.
  9. Batch test emails through Litmus.

Rock-solid email templates

MailMason comes with a collection of thoroughly tested email templates to get you started.

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