Talking Email with Postmark

Talking Email with Postmark

A behind-the-scenes look at how the Postmark team, industry experts, and customers approach a wide range of email-related challenges.

Episode #4

Demystifying inbound email processing with JazzHR

Sean McAfee, Director of TechOps at JazzHR, and Patrick Graham, technical lead on Postmark’s customer success team, talk to us about inbound email processing. We discuss how inbound processing and... Read more

Episode #3

Solving extreme email deliverability mysteries

Anna Ward, Postmark’s Head of Deliverability, discusses her path to becoming an email deliverability expert and explores a few of the most bizarre and extreme email deliverability edge-cases that... Read more

Episode #2

How we approach designing transactional email templates

Matt West and Derek Rushforth, both tenured designers at Postmark, discuss their respective paths to design and share real-life examples of how we’ve approached designing and testing templates here... Read more

Episode #1

How we think about customer communication for our SaaS products

Chris Bowler, head of Customer Success for our latest SaaS product, Conveyor, and Ilya Sabanin, the product manager and developer on the Conveyor team, discuss how we’ve approached customer... Read more