How to design an effective welcome email

The welcome email is a key part of a customer’s first interaction with your product. They’ve just created an account and are working to get set up and verify your product meets their needs. It’s a great opportunity to provide customers with useful information that helps them explore your product.

We’ve written extensively about what makes a great welcome email in the past. In this post, we’re going to look at some examples from popular products to inspire you to create effective welcome emails of your own.

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Feature announcement: Custom metadata for your emails

We know that sometimes you need to keep track of each email not just as it flows through Postmark, but outside of it as well. We also know that you can’t always rely only on the Postmark-generated Message ID to accomplish this — you need a way to set your own unique IDs on a per-message basis. So we've added an option for you to specify custom metadata for individual emails.

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