Are dedicated IPs important?

IP address are still factors involved in reputation and great delivery, but ISPs are increasingly shifting reputation weight from IP address reputation towards domain reputation. However, in most cases, dedicated IPs aren't a solution in and of themselves. Well-policed and high quality IP reputations are what matter, and Postmark's delivery rates help show that shared IPs can have just as great of a reputation as well-managed dedicated IPs.

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Feature Announcement: Domain Verification

Many of you have asked for an easier way to set up email sending from multiple email addresses and domains, and now we’re giving you just that. Today we’re launching Domain Verification — the ability to verify an entire domain for email sending by adding a couple of DNS records to the domain. With Domain Verification you won’t have to verify a new Sender Signature for each email address you want to send from. Every email address on a verified domain will automatically be approved for sending.

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Postmark product update: September 2016

It’s been a couple of months since our last product update, so it’s time to let you know what we’ve been working on! Our focus the last two months has been on improving the performance and stability of Postmark, as well as laying the groundwork for some of the big features we’ll be launching this year. In this post I’ll provide an overview of the bigger changes, and also let you know what you can look forward to over the next few weeks.

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