Postmark Message Streams: How It Started vs. How It’s Going

A few weeks ago we released one of the biggest features and product changes in the history of Postmark. Here’s the thing: very few people noticed. And yet I consider it one of the most successful releases we’ve ever done.

In this post, I’d like to outline the 22-month journey that got us to the point where Message Streams are now available to all Postmark customers—which means that you can now send all your email (both transactional and bulk) via Postmark. This is usually where I’d say something like “come along for a wild ride” to entice you to keep reading, but that wouldn’t be a truthful statement. All I have is this: I invite you to come along for a slow, steady ride. No need to strap in.

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Laravel debug mode could expose your API keys

Our deliverability team stays up to date on email spam trends. It sometimes feels like wack-a-mole trying to stay one step ahead of them. One trend that we're currently following is bad actors using an automated tool that looks for live Laravel sites in debug mode.

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