Get answers faster and easier than ever

There are two things that set Postmark apart from the competition: delivery and support. We just invested heavily in our customer support home page making it easier than ever to find answers or reach out and get in touch. 

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Pay close attention to bounces

Many factors influence email delivery for your domain. The content of each message is important but equally as important is how people engage with email from your domain. A key signal for your domain's engagement is your bounce rate. Most inbox providers interpret a high bounce rate from a domain as low-quality sending behavior. No one can engage with an email that bounces, and it makes sense they would see bounces as a key factor in a domain’s sending reputation. If someone buys a list from a 3rd party, have a service that’s prone to abuse, or low-quality registrations, they’re going to generate a lot of bounces. And that can hurt your sending reputation.

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DMARC reports are now way more useful

One of our most popular tools is the DMARC Weekly Digests we provide to anyone (for free!). We process the XML reports from major ISPs about your domain’s DMARC alignment, and turn them into easy-to-read weekly email digests (if you’re not sure how DMARC can help to monitor and secure your email, check out our DMARC Guide).

The problem is that DMARC can be difficult to understand — and it’s even more difficult to figure out what actions you need to take based on the information. The most frequent support question we get about DMARC reports is, “Should I be worried about this?”

So we decided to take our DMARC reports a step further. Instead of just showing you synthesized DMARC information, we now include helpful tips on how to address each of the possible issues you might see on the IP addresses that are sending on your behalf.

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