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What is transactional email and how is it used?

Transactional email is a type of automated email between a sender and a recipient. It differs from promotional email in that transactional email is triggered by events, interactions, or preferences within a service or application rather than by a company’s marketing campaign. While transactional emails can help fulfill marketing needs by recovering abandoned carts or re-activating inactive users, these emails are primarily functional and provide an anticipated response to an (in)action or a request made by the recipient. Unlike promotional emails which are bulk distributions of the same marketing message to many recipients simultaneously, transactional emails are personalized and typically sent to individuals one at a time.

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Notify your customers about email delivery issues with Rebound

Dealing with hard bounces can be a pain in the butt. An email sent to your customer hard bounces and they’re stuck waiting for it to show up in their inbox. It may not be your fault, but most customers won’t see it that way. To them, the email is just missing.

Hard bounces are inevitable. They can happen for a bunch of reasons, and you usually don't have any control over them. Building features that notify your customers about delivery issues is a step in the right direction but require a significant amount of design and development time. So, features like this often get put on the back burner. And, as a result, the burden gets shifted to your support team.

This is why we built Rebound. Rebound is an embeddable javascript snippet that prompts customers to update their email address if there was a hard bounce. This way your customers aren't left in the dark about delivery issues. We even provide a notification builder so you can customize the appearance and messaging without having to write a bunch of code.

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