Why pre-defined success metrics are so important in product development

Releasing new features is important, but establishing and investigating success metrics around those features is almost as important. What if you launch a feature but fail to notice that it's hurting more than it's helping? This post explores how we establish goals for our feature releases in order to inform our design decisions and hold us accountable after the release.

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A/B testing email service providers

Sometimes, low engagement with your emails is more a symptom of poor delivery than problems with the emails themselves. A recipient can't open or click on an email they never receive. So next time you're evaluating engagement rates, don't rule out the fact that poor delivery by your ESP could be the real root of your problems.

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Monitoring your email delivery and reputation

Just like any other piece of infrastructure, your application's transactional email can always benefit from additional layers of monitoring. Whether monitoring DNS to prevent configuration errors or monitoring delivery and reputation to ensure emails aren't gong to spam, there's several things you can do to stay ahead of the game.

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