Feature announcement: easier template management across environments

A few months ago we started a journey to improve everything about Postmark’s email templates. We did a bunch of calls with customers to understand exactly how templates are being used, and what your biggest pain points are. We started our improvements with some quick wins: a better page layout, the ability to manage template aliases from the UI, and an easy way to find the template you’re looking for.

Those improvements all laid the groundwork for our first major change to templates, which we’re happy to announce today.

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How to process generated email addresses with G Suite (Google Apps) and Postmark

Generated email addresses are a great way to make your SaaS product a lot more convenient to use. In this post, I’ll show you how we use G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and Postmark to process generated emails. While this tutorial highlights how we use this technique for issue tracking, generated email addresses could be used to update anything in your SaaS product.

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How to check your IP reputation

Your IP represents the sending environment, typically a shared IP owned by your email service provider (ESP). Knowing the sending IP reputation gives insight into the reputation of your ESP, which directly influences connection-level blocks and sending delays. In other words, a poor IP reputation means more bounces and slower delivery.

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