The things that annoy you about Postmark

Last week Chris wrote a blog post about The Little Survey That Could. We asked our customers one simple question: “What annoys you about Postmark?” Overall 81 people responded, and we want to let you know what the biggest annoyances were (and what we plan to do about them). There were a few one-off things as well, but in this post I’ll focus on the things that came up more than once (don’t worry, we’re working on some of those one-off things as well!). So here they are, in order of frequency… the things that annoy you most about Postmark.

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Feature announcement: Sender Signature Search

This one has been a long time coming… Today we’re happy to announce that you can now — yes, finally — perform searches on the sender signatures page. No more going all the way to page 594 (yes, some accounts really have that many sender signatures!) to find that one elusive one you’re looking for.

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The official Postmark Slack App

Even though you can currently use Zapier to get notifications for a variety of Postmark events, we’re currently working on expanding your options for being notified of bounces and ways to handle them. So one of the (many!) projects we worked on during our hack weeks at the beginning of the year is an official Postmark Slack App, and we’re happy to announce that it’s now live and ready to use.

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