Feature Announcement: A brand new Servers page

We’ve made tons of design improvements in the Postmark app over the past few months. From a new activity feed, to a better DNS Settings page, all the way through a redesign of our webhook pages, we set out to understand exactly what you need to do on those pages and flows, and design the best possible experience for those needs.

Today, that philosophy gets extended to one of the most-used pages in the Postmark app: the Servers page. You’ve been asking us for a while to add features like search and better sorting options to that page, and today we’re happy to give you that, and much more.

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How to design an effective welcome email

The welcome email is a key part of a customer’s first interaction with your product. They’ve just created an account and are working to get set up and verify your product meets their needs. It’s a great opportunity to provide customers with useful information that helps them explore your product.

We’ve written extensively about what makes a great welcome email in the past. In this post, we’re going to look at some examples from popular products to inspire you to create effective welcome emails of your own.

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