Feature announcement: New Activity feed

If there’s one thing we know from talking to our customers it’s this: the Activity page in the Postmark app is probably the most important part of the UI for most of you. It’s kind of a weird page too. It’s a page you don’t really need... until you do, and then you really need it.

From our customer feedback and research we also know that the activity page wasn’t perfect. The layout was somewhat cluttered, which impeded data clarity and comprehension. The ability to filter on specific events, emails, and recipients was fairly limited. In short, we realized that the focus of this page should be on clarity and the speed of finding the information you’re looking for. The Activity page has to be easy to understand and act on, and it needs to be possible to find the events you're looking for extremely quickly.

So we set about redesigning this page with those goals in mind. Along the way we did usability testing on prototypes to make sure we provide you with the best possible experience. And today we’re excited to unveil the new Activity page to you.

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What is ARC, or Authenticated Received Chain?

ARC, or Authenticated Received Chain, is a standard created in 2016 to help improve how DKIM and SPF results are passed from one mail server to the next during forwarding. When messages are passed to intermediaries like mailing lists or email account forwarding, DKIM and SPF can break. ARC aims to fix this.

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