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My file is not small, it’s fun-sized!

Your message file size matters. Some may think it’s great to send a ton of content in one fell swoop, but most ESPs limit the size of the message you can send through their service. That’s likely because they’re sending bulk messages, so they have to keep an eye on the processing power and time it takes to send a lot of very large messages at once.

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Feature announcement: more useful weekly account digests

We know from our open rates and follow-up questions that users rely heavily on the information in the email we send every Monday morning with statistics of selected servers. This weekly digest emails have always been useful, but we knew they could be better. So starting next week, you’ll see a new design and some additional information to help you manage your account better.

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Filtering changes at Gmail

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen multiple customers report that their messages to Gmail/GSuite recipients are suddenly delayed, ending up in the spam folder, or just missing entirely.

Google publicly confirms they've made widespread changes to substantially increase spam blocking, which were rolled out at the end of January. I've been personally tracking and testing these cases affected by the changes, and here’s what I know so far.

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