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Introducing the Postmark App for Stripe

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Stripe to create an app for their brand new Stripe App Marketplace—and we can’t wait for you all to try it out. Here it is: The Postmark App for Stripe, a handy app that makes it easy to send emails to your customers without leaving Stripe.

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Easily send emails without leaving Stripe #

Some might say email isn’t cool, but the truth is: email is still the most powerful communication channel to connect with your customers, and now you can use the power of email without leaving Stripe. With the Postmark App, we’re bringing email sending functionality right into Stripe, so you can easily send emails to build relationships with your customers, reduce churn, and grow your business—all without switching back and forth between tools.

Choose between HTML and plain text emails #

Once you’ve connected your Postmark account to Stripe, you can easily access your Postmark templates via the Postmark App for Stripe. Add your own, custom HTML templates to Postmark—whether that’s payment reminders, win-back campaigns, promotions, or anything in between—and then send emails using them within Stripe with just a few clicks.

Do you just want to send a quick text-only note to a customer? The Postmark App lets you do that, too.

Text-only emails: Type a subject line and your email body copy and hit send. 🚀

See if your customers engage with your emails #

And you can do way more than just send emails from Stripe; you can also see whether or not your customers are engaging with those emails by viewing Postmark’s activity stats right within Stripe. Let’s say you sent a payment reminder to a customer using the Postmark App. You’ll be able to see email open and click activity right within Stripe, so you can keep an eye on whether your messages are resonating with your customers. (And of course, if you'd rather not track email activity, you can disable tracking, too.)

Postmark App for Stripe: Engagement insights
It looks like Eugene opened the payment reminder we sent him! 👀

Are you ready to use Stripe and Postmark together? Install the app now.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think about this new integration with Stripe.

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