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Postmark App for Stripe

What’s the Postmark App for Stripe?

With the Postmark App for Stripe, you can send emails to your customers without having to leave Stripe. Whether you’re looking to send payment reminders, win-back messages, one-off promotional emails, or anything in between, you can send emails with a single click, see open and click activity right within Stripe, and build relationships that grow your business.

❗️FYI: The Postmark App for Stripe is not built to send bulk messages to multiple customers at once. It can only be used to send one-off messages to a single customer email address at a time.

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Installing the Postmark App for Stripe #

To install the Postmark App for Stripe, navigate to the Postmark App listing in the Stripe App Marketplace and hit the “Install app” button in the top right corner. A pop-up will appear to confirm access and installation. Click “Install” and then the “View App →” button.

⚠️ Please note: You have to be an admin in your Stripe account to install the Postmark app (and any other apps from the Stripe App Marketplace.) So if you’re having trouble installing the app, ask your Stripe account admin for help.

How to connect your Postmark account to Stripe#

Once you’ve installed the Postmark App in Stripe, it’s time to connect it to your Postmark account. Open the app and hit the blue “Connect Postmark” button (this is only visible while you're viewing an individual Customer within your Stripe account). 

Clicking "Connect Postmark" will bring you to the Postmark website, where you can log in to your existing Postmark account or you can click the “Sign up now” button to create a new Postmark account.

Connecting Stripe to an existing Postmark account #
  1. Sign into Postmark with your account credentials and authenticate the integration by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. This process will automatically create a new server in your Postmark account named “Stripe App”. Feel free to rename this server if you'd like -- it'll still properly connect to your Stripe account.
  3. The “Stripe App” server is where you’ll want to set up any Templates you’d like to use in the Stripe app.
Connecting Stripe to a new Postmark account
  1. If you’re new to Postmark, you’ll first have to create an account by clicking the “Sign up now” button.

  2. Once the new account is created, you’ll need to get the account approved for sending. Learn about Postmark’s approval process →

  3. Add and verify any sender signature email addresses that you’ll want to use as your FROM email address in Stripe.

  4. Finally, follow the “Connecting Stripe to an existing Postmark account” instructions above.

💡  Good to know: If you need more information about your first steps in Postmark, check out our detailed walkthrough of how to get started with Postmark.

Setting up FROM email address for Stripe use #

All Sender Signature email addresses that you have set up and verified within Postmark will be available for sending from the Postmark App for Stripe. If you're looking to add new FROM addresses for sending, you have two options:

Authenticate your entire domain

We recommend that you authenticate your domain using DKIM within Postmark, as that will greatly increase your deliverability when sending. More here on authenticating a domain using DKIM within Postmark.

Once the domain is verified, you will still need to add an individual Sender Signature email address—that's the email address that will be used as the FROM address when sending emails from the Stripe App. Click the blue “Add Signature” button below your domain within the Sender Signatures tab and add the individual email addresses to use for Stripe sending.

⚠️ Please note: Adding an individual email address to a DKIM verified domain will not trigger a verification email. The email address will automatically be verified once added. Easy!

Authenticate a single email address

If you’re not able to authenticate an entire domain using DKIM, you can instead add individual sender signature email addresses. To do so, click on the Sender Signatures tab within your Postmark account, click the “Add Domain or Signature” button, and select the single email address option. A verification link will be sent to the added email address, and once confirmed it will appear as a FROM option within your Postmark App for Stripe.

Sending emails with the Postmark App for Stripe #

The Postmark App works within the Customer view in Stripe when an individual Customer is selected. To send an email to a customer, navigate to that customer within Stripe and pop open the Postmark app from the right-hand sidebar. You’ll have two options for sending emails to your customer:

Sending plain emails #

If you’re looking to send a non-template email, pick the Plain email option in your Send email view. Here, all you have to do is define a subject line as well as your body copy and send away. The Email body does support HTML.

⚠️ Please note: Link tracking is not possible when sending a “Plain email” through Postmark App for Stripe. Link tracking is only available when using a template for sending. Open tracking is still possible with the “Plain email” option.

Sending emails using a template #

You can also send emails using predefined HTML templates that are stored within your Postmark account's "Stripe App" server. These come in handy if…

  • You’d like to use your custom email designs to match your brand
  • You frequently send the same email—whether that’s a promotion, dunning email, or similar—and you’d like to make that process easier.

Before you can send an HTML email from Stripe, you’ll have to set up your template in the "Stripe App" server in your Postmark account. You can either upload your own HTML or use one of Postmark’s pre-built templates as a starting point and customize those to your needs.

Learn more about using Templates in Postmark →

Once you’ve set up your template in the "Stripe App" server within Postmark, it will automatically show up in the dropdown menu in your Stripe app, so you can easily trigger an email send from within Stripe.

💡 Good to know: The Postmark App for Stripe can only access templates that are set up in the "Stripe App" server in your Postmark account. If you’d like to use existing Templates from another server, you’ll have to copy them into the "Stripe App" server. Learn how →

Customizing your emails with your Stripe Customer’s first name #

You can dynamically insert your Stripe customer’s name by including the {{name}} tag in the subject line and within the HTML of your template. The {{name}} tag only works when sending using a template, and cannot be used when sending a plain email through Stripe.

⚠️ Please note: Currently, we don’t offer any other tags for automatically inserting Stripe customer information into messages sent using the Postmark App for Stripe. However, feel free to provide our support team here with some feedback on what other Stripe fields would be helpful for your sending and we can hopefully provide more dynamic tags in the future.

Email Activity in the Postmark Stripe App #

Our Stripe App also allows you to see whether or not your customers are engaging with your emails by displaying Postmark’s Activity stats right within Stripe. Once you’ve sent an email through the Stripe app, you’ll be able to see the open and click activity for that email right within Stripe.

It looks like Jordan opened the delivery reminder we sent him! 👀

Disabling link tracking #

Tracking is enabled by default in your "Stripe App" server in Postmark, but of course, you can disable tracking if you prefer. To disable tracking:

  1. Head into the "Stripe App" server in your Postmark account.

  2. Go to the Settings.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there you can toggle off the Open and Link Tracking.

Learn more about open and link tracking in Postmark →

Disconnect Postmark from your Stripe account #

You can disconnect the Postmark App for Stripe by clicking on the “Disconnect” link at the very bottom of the Send Email tab beneath the "Email activity" events. Once confirmed, the app will be disconnected from your Postmark account. The "Stripe App" server within Postmark will remain intact, however.

There currently is not an option to disconnect the app while within the App Settings area (we know, strange).

⚠️ Please note: Uninstalling Postmark App for Stripe within the App Settings area will simply uninstall the app from your Stripe account, but will not disconnect the app from your Postmark account. To fully disconnect the Postmark App for Stripe from your Postmark account, use the instructions above.

Reconnecting Postmark App for Stripe #

When you disconnect the Postmark App for Stripe and then wish to reconnect it back to the same Postmark account, you might run into the following error message:

Whenever you’re connecting a Postmark account to Stripe, we automatically create a new server called “Stripe App” to handle your Stripe emails.

If the Postmark account that you're trying to connect the app to already has a server named "Stripe App" you'll see the "We couldn't connect this Postmark account because an existing server named 'Stripe App' prevented it".

There’s an easy fix to this though: Just rename (or delete) the old Stripe server before reconnecting. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Servers page in your Postmark account.

  2. Click on the server named “Stripe App” and then click on the Settings tab.

  3. Delete the “Stripe App" server, or if you’d like to keep a record of that server and its email activity simply rename it to something like "Stripe App 1", or what have you. Once that’s done, head back into Stripe to reconnect your Postmark account.

I have questions about the Postmark App for Stripe. Where can I get help? #

We’re happy to help you with any questions you might have about Postmark or our integration with Stripe. Just reach out to our wonderful support team here.

Last updated October 19th, 2022

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