You can now send all your application email—yes, that includes marketing email—with Postmark Message Streams.
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Here’s what our customers think of us.

We‘ve grown from sending 0 to 200,000 transactional emails daily, and Postmark helped us a lot with scaling that process.

Bartosz Olchówka

Bartosz Olchówka

Head of Development at LiveChat

The migration was a piece of cake. The API was very easy to use. Your website is awesome! The only feedback is that I wish there was a "Search" feature in the API Docs, other than that, your website is a perfect work of art!

Sergio Voitenko

Postmark has stellar customer service. I don't think I have ever waited more than a few minutes for a response to an email. I also like the degree of interest that the representatives take in my specific circumstances. I felt like they took the time to really understand what I needed and then proposed the best solution for me.

Christopher Dundy

A superior transactional email service, with unmatched customer support

Zack Tencer

Customer Success Hero at MeazureUp

...I've been with Postmark for a few months. Their system is definitely better than SendGrid and SparkPost...two services I tried before moving on to Postmark.

Usman Khurshid

Had a horrific experience with SendGrid so i would avoid. We use Postmark and are very happy with it :D

Chris Manson

Chris Manson

via Twitter

I came from Mailgun, which gave me headaches. Every second counts when we send an alert to gamers. I love the fact that I can see when mails are opened and how long the whole process took. It just works, which is not so obvious apparently (looking at Mailgun). Thanks Postmark Team <3 !

Max Vaesse

Max Vaesse

Owner at Premium ARK

On top of all the tracking info, in almost four years with Postmark, I can’t remember a single time an outage impacted our business.

Joel Flory

Joel Flory


Postmark has made it easier to help our customers because of its accessible and detailed activity log which means we get better information faster.

Kate Reynier

Kate Reynier

Customer Success Team Lead at