Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Notify your customers about email delivery issues

Rebound prompts your customers to update their email address if an email you sent them hard bounced.

Here’s how Rebound works

  • Customize Rebound’s notification and embed the javascript snippet on your web app.

  • As customers use your web app, Rebound checks whether their email address was marked inactive from a hard bounce.

  • If the email address is inactive, Rebound will show a notification on your web app asking them to update their email.

With Rebound, there’s less of this...

Failed API calls because of inactive recipients

  "ErrorCode": 406,
  "Message": "You tried to send to a recipient that has been marked as inactive. Found inactive addresses: Inactive recipients are ones that have generated a hard bounce or a spam complaint."

Upset customers expecting an important email

Customization without the guesswork

Rebound’s notification builder lets you customize the appearance and messaging without having to write a bunch of code. You can even include dynamic bounce data so your customers know exactly what’s going on.

Rebound setup

Set up Rebound with your web app

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