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Can you send bulk/marketing email with Postmark? Yes!

From its very beginning in 2009 and for the entire first decade of its existence, Postmark was well-known for being laser-focused on transactional email only. Then sometime in 2020 we built a fully separate infrastructure that allows Postmark customers to also send bulk emails like product announcements, newsletters, and updates to terms-of-service...

...but some people (maybe including you? 😉) still don’t know we can do both!

So if you came here wondering “Can I send bulk/marketing email with Postmark?,” the answer is: yes, you can! You can send all your customer communications with Postmark, and this is how you do it. 

Sending promotional and marketing emails with Postmark  #

Postmark’s unique infrastructure routes different types of email—transactional, broadcast, and everything in between—through separate Message Streams so they all maintain optimal deliverability. 

Each Message Stream you create is classified based on how your email is sent: transactional (sent to a single recipient) or broadcast (sent to multiple recipients). That classification helps us group and route emails into the right sending IPs to optimize deliverability and time to inbox.

So if you are planning on sending promotional or marketing emails,*** you’ll just need to create a dedicated Broadcast Stream. 

Postmark Message Streams - broadcast or transactional email
The dashboard screen where you can create a Broadcast Stream

***What kind of messages count as 'promotional'? #

Broadcast or promotional mailings are bulk distributions of the same message to many recipients simultaneously. They are likely to include:

  • Limited-time offers

  • Sales campaigns

  • Event announcements

  • Discounts, coupons, vouchers, and giveaways

  • ...and more examples

💛 Friendly tip: you should only send your broadcast messages to recipients who have explicitly opted-in to receive them. You may think you’re missing out on reaching all of your customers, but do you really want to email people who aren’t interested in hearing from you? That’s the sort of sending that results in lower engagement, spam complaints, a poor sending reputation, and ultimately impacts deliverability.

How to send promotional email with Postmark  #

If you’re new to Broadcast Streams, we’ve got you covered. Click this link to read our quick setup instructions or click play below if you prefer the video format: 

Once you've set up a new Stream, test it to make sure everything is working as intended. If you have questions or get stuck, reach out to our support team for help; and for extra bonus points, take a look at this handy best practices checklist: it’s got all the dos and don’ts you need to make sure your promotional emails get a gold star 🌟

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Fio Dossetto

Fio Dossetto

Fio was Postmark’s Brand and Editorial lead until June 2023.