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5 Minute Set Up


Add the Postmark Rails Gem to your Gemfile

gem 'postmark-rails'

Add this to your config/application.rb file:

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :postmark
config.action_mailer.postmark_settings = { :api_token => "POSTMARK-SERVER-API-TOKEN-HERE" }

Want to test our APIs and activity logging? Send emails to


Send an email

class TestMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  def hello
      :subject => 'Hello from Postmark',
      :to  => '',
      :from => '',
      :html_body => 'HTML body goes here',
      :track_opens => 'true')

Once you’ve sent your first email, check out the Rails API client docs →

Here’s what our customers have said

We were using one of your competitors because they featured a freemium plan. However we were getting complaints on a weekly basis that emails weren’t reaching clients. […] Other than an edge case here or there, since switching to Postmark, our support tickets regarding email delivery have plummeted to zero. That alone makes Postmark worth its weight in gold.

Kyle Racki

Kyle Racki

CEO at Proposify

Easy to set up. Great API. Rapid mail delivery and no spam issues. We moved from Mandrill because of terrible deliverability and am pleased to say it’s been well worthwhile....we’ve even saved money. Thanks Postmark Team….you rock!!

Ben Jemison

General Manager at CircleLoop

I don't plug products much, but good god damn @postmarkapp has made us very, very happy. An order of magnitude better than running our own mail.



via Twitter

We've architected our sending infrastructure to rely heavily on Postmark, and we couldn't be happier. They've been supportive at every step along the way, and have helped us to deliver (and report on) tremendous results for our clients.

Matt Goldman

Matt Goldman

CEO at Churn Buster

From side projects to Fortune 500...

We’ve got you covered. We process transactional email for companies of all sizes:

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A comprehensive suite of tools to help you seamlessly integrate email with your Rails application.

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    Send your transactional email over SMTP or through the Postmark API.

Lightning fast delivery

Your customers expect transactional emails to arrive immediately—not eventually.
We constantly monitor our delivery speeds and share the data publicly.

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