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Send emails with Ruby

See why Ruby developers prefer Postmark API for sending application emails

5 Minute Set Up


Add the Postmark Ruby Gem to your Gemfile

gem 'postmark'

Create an instance of Postmark::ApiClient and send your first email.

# Require gem:
require 'postmark'

# Create an instance of Postmark::ApiClient:

# Send an email:
  from: '',
  to: '',
  subject: 'Hello from Postmark',
  html_body: 'HTML body goes here',
  track_opens: true)

Want to test our APIs and activity logging? Send emails to


Once you’ve sent your first email, check out the Ruby API client docs →

Here’s what our customers have shared

Postmark has a reputation for high quality. Even though there are several good companies, we were convinced by Postmark’s clear documentation and transparent roadmap. Further, building email infrastructure is really a partnership — we wanted to invest in a platform that would continue to grow along with our needs, not one that was fairly static and falling behind the technology curve.

Cliff Chang

Cliff Chang

Product Engineer at Asana

Postmark is superior to SendGrid in every regard.

Michael Whalen‏

Michael Whalen‏

via Twitter

My customers are so confident in their transactional email now, that they no longer include 'check in your spam box' in their website messaging anymore. Account email confirmations and missing invoices are a thing off the past. The activity feed gives myself and my customers total confidence in using email for important tasks again.

Jonathan Malko

Jonathan Malko

Owner at

I came from Mailgun and left because too many emails went missing. Now, my email shows up instantly for people and the amount of time I save on support requests is worth it. A+ quality service.

Chris Leippi

Chris Leippi

Founder at

From side projects to Fortune 500...

We’ve got you covered. We process transactional email for companies of all sizes:

Everything you need for first class email delivery

A comprehensive suite of tools to help you seamlessly integrate email with your Ruby application.

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    Keep an eye on how we’re doing using our public status page and robust status API.

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    Easy integration via API or SMTP so you can start sending in minutes.

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    Send your transactional email over SMTP or through the Postmark API.

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    Full transparency on email delivery. It’s right on our status page.

  • Envelope flying into postbox.

    Industry-leading delivery speeds. Up to 4x faster than other providers.

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    Great customer support whenever you need it. Our knowledgable customer success team won’t let you down.

Lightning fast delivery

Your customers expect transactional emails to arrive immediately—not eventually.
We constantly monitor our delivery speeds and share the data publicly.

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  • Yahoo

Time to Inbox data updated every 5 minutes

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