Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

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All you need to know to start sending your WordPress transactional emails through Postmark API, using our Postmark for WordPress plugin.

5 Minute Set Up


Download the Postmark Wordpress plugin.


Upload postmark directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory.


Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin.


In the WordPress admin, go to Settings > Postmark. You will then want to insert your Postmark details.


Verify sending by entering a recipient email address you have access to and pressing the “Send Test Email” button.


Once verified, then check “Enable” to override wp_mail and send using Postmark instead.

Learn more about the Postmark Wordpress plugin →

Here’s what our customers think of us

The only service I can find that delivers transactional Wordpress emails faithfully. I have already recommended to multiple people. I just went out of my way to recommend to a large agency in our town yesterday. Can't wait to upgrade our account and get more of our clients sites using Postmark.

Justin Mayfield

Justin Mayfield

Owner at Eternia Digital Dojo

👉 @postmarkapp is one of those services that you really enjoy using even if it's a very simple service. Everything feels "right" 👏

Dionysis Lorentzos ‏

via Twitter

A superior transactional email service, with unmatched customer support

Zack Tencer

Customer Success Hero at MeazureUp

Postmark has made it easier to help our customers because of its accessible and detailed activity log which means we get better information faster.

Kate Reynier

Kate Reynier

Customer Success Team Lead at

From side projects to Fortune 500...

We’ve got you covered. We process transactional email for companies of all sizes:

Everything you'd expect for first class email delivery

A comprehensive suite of tools to help you integrate email with your WordPress application.

  • One credit equals one email.

    Simple and transparent pricing means you only pay for what you use.

  • Stack of emails

    45 days worth of full content history by default to help you troubleshoot (customizable from 7 to 365 days if needed).

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    Responsive templates for sending transactional emails, including welcome messages, password resets, and more.

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    Increased visibility with detailed open and delivery tracking for every email.

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    Reliable link tracking so you can monitor and improve your emails.

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    Send your transactional email over SMTP or through the Postmark API.

Lightning fast email delivery

Your customers expect transactional emails to arrive immediately—not eventually.
We constantly monitor our delivery speeds and share the data publicly.

  • Gmail

  • Apple

  • Hotmail

  • AOL

  • Yahoo

Time to Inbox data updated every 5 minutes

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