Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Send emails with Python

See why hundreds of Python projects chose Postmark API to send their transactional emails

Community Libraries

5 Minute Set Up


Install the Postmark Python library with pip from the command line:

pip install postmarker

Create an instance of PostmarkClient and send your first email.

from postmarker.core import PostmarkClient
postmark = PostmarkClient(server_token='POSTMARK-SERVER-API-TOKEN-HERE')
  Subject='Postmark test',
  HtmlBody='HTML body goes here'

Want to test our APIs and activity logging? Send emails to


Once you’ve sent your first email, check out the Python library docs →

Here’s what our customers are saying

We’re really happy we decided to use Postmark for ITV’s British Soap Awards. We only count votes from verified email addresses and Postmark’s excellent delivery has lead to our highest verification percentage ever. We'll definitely use Postmark again!

Owen Matthews

Owen Matthews

Creative Director at Ten4 Design

Made the switch to @postmarkapp today. The customer service and delivery rates are awesome, but the thing I love is EVERYTHING IS YELLOW!

Samuel Goudie

Samuel Goudie

via Twitter

Trying out @postmarkapp for my next react app blog and wow they have much better dev. experience than @SendGrid. Very clear & step-by-step.

Raja Rao DV‏

Raja Rao DV‏

via Twitter

Password reset emails delivered by @postmarkapp arrive in gmail in 1 second (vs 64 seconds for SendGrid)

Josh Crews

Josh Crews

via Twitter

From side projects to Fortune 500...

We’ve got you covered. We process transactional email for companies of all sizes:

Everything you need for first class email delivery

A comprehensive suite of tools to help you integrate email with your Python application.

  • Placeholder

    Responsive templates for sending transactional emails, including welcome messages, password resets, and more.

  • Envelope stamped "DKIM"

    SPF, DKIM, and DMARC support included, with clear guides to help you get set up.

  • Stack of emails

    45 days worth of full content history by default to help you troubleshoot (customizable from 7 to 365 days if needed).

  • Placeholder

    Keep track of bounced emails through the web dashboard, or use web hooks to notify your app of any issues.

  • Placeholder

    Increased visibility with detailed open and delivery tracking for every email.

  • Placeholder

    We share our delivery statistics to the major inbox providers right on our status page.

Lightning fast delivery

Your customers expect transactional emails to arrive immediately—not eventually.
We constantly monitor our delivery speeds and share the data publicly.

  • Gmail

  • Apple

  • Hotmail

  • AOL

  • Yahoo

Time to Inbox data updated every 5 minutes

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