Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Send emails with Node.js

Send lightning-fast transactional emails through Postmark API with Node.js

5 Minute Set Up


Install the Postmark.js library using npm

npm install postmark --save

Create an instance of the Postmark server client and send your first email.

// Require:
var postmark = require("postmark");

// Send an email:
var client = new postmark.ServerClient("POSTMARK-SERVER-API-TOKEN-HERE");

  "From": "",
  "To": "",
  "Subject": "Test",
  "TextBody": "Hello from Postmark!"

Want to test our APIs and activity logging? Send emails to


Once you’ve sent your first email, check out the Postmark.js docs →

You're in good company

Understanding what types of emails are bouncing, being marked as spam, or being blocked by an ISP makes it easy to know when an email was sent and what happened to it. On top of all the tracking info, in almost four years with Postmark, I can’t remember a single time an outage impacted our business.

Joel Flory

Joel Flory


We‘ve grown from sending 0 to 200,000 transactional emails daily, and Postmark helped us a lot with scaling that process.

Bartosz Olchówka

Bartosz Olchówka

Head of Development at LiveChat

“Our experience with the Postmark team has been fantastic. Our emails are sent on time and deliverability is high. We know we can rely on Postmark.”

Claire Schlafly

Claire Schlafly

VP of Operations at Yapmo

“Postmark really impressed us with their focus on transactional emails, instead of just broadcasting.”

Cliff Chang

Cliff Chang

Product Engineer at Asana

From side projects to Fortune 500...

We’ve got you covered. We process transactional email for companies of all sizes:

Everything you need for first class email delivery

A comprehensive suite of tools to help you seamlessly integrate email with your Node application.

  • Envelope flying into postbox.

    Industry-leading delivery speeds. Up to 4x faster than other providers.

  • Stack of emails

    45 days worth of full content history by default to help you troubleshoot (customizable from 7 to 365 days if needed).

  • Placeholder

    Responsive templates for sending transactional emails, including welcome messages, password resets, and more.

  • Placeholder

    Keep track of bounced emails through the web dashboard, or use web hooks to notify your app of any issues.

  • Placeholder

    Easy integration via API or SMTP so you can start sending in minutes.

  • Placeholder

    Take the pain out of handling inbound email. Postmark turns inbound email into a handy JSON object and posts it to a web hook URL.

Lightning fast delivery

Your customers expect transactional emails to arrive immediately—not eventually.
We constantly monitor our delivery speeds and share the data publicly.

  • Gmail

  • Apple

  • Hotmail

  • AOL

  • Yahoo

Time to Inbox data updated every 5 minutes

Ready to take Postmark for a spin?

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