Does Postmark Have Monthly Plans/Pricing?

Postmark does not have monthly plans or subscriptions. Credits are purchased to be used as you need them. One credit is used for one email (whether inbound or outbound) and credits do not expire. Making purchases in volumes larger than 200,000 credits provides a discount on the cost per credit. 
For example, if you know your site or application will need 500,000 credits over a six month period, buying the credits at once results in a total of $500. Purchasing the same amount of credits over six months in smaller volumes results in a total cost of $750.
We also provide you with 25,000 free credits when you sign up so that you can evaluate our service before having to add a card or make a purchase. Once you have made your first purchase, you can set up your account to automatically purchase more credits when you are running low. 
More information can also be found at our pricing page here
Last updated December 1st, 2016

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