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What is a "Legacy" plan at Postmark?

The Postmark team is on a mission to make Postmark the fastest, most reliable email delivery service out there, and as we’re making Postmark better, we occasionally adjust our plans and pricing as well. 

Whenever we introduce new plans and pricing, the old Postmark plans don’t immediately go away. Instead, we turn our old plans into what we call “legacy plans”. Once a plan is a legacy plan, it is no longer available to new customers. 

Under the plan selector in the Plans & Add-ons section of your Postmark account, you’ll see the word “legacy” next your plan name if you’re on one of our legacy plans:

How long can I stay on my legacy plan? 

Postmark will support and continue to honor legacy plans for a minimum of 12 months from the date the plan became a legacy plan. After that, we might ask you to change to one of our most up-to-date plans. We’ll give you at least 3 months of notice before we retire your plan for good. 
As of this writing (July 2023), two plan types have become legacy:

Will new features be added to legacy plans?

No, we don’t expect to make new features available to legacy plans. We recommend switching to a current subscription plan if you’d like to get access to new features as they become available. 

Building new features requires support and development time for the Postmark team, and our legacy plans (which, as of this writing, date back to 2010 and 2017) don’t account for our current costs to build and support additional feature development. 

Why can’t I keep my old plan forever?

We want to keep improving Postmark by building great new features and providing excellent support whenever you need it. We’ve learned that supporting old plans can quickly turn into a headache for our development and customer support teams. Reducing the complexity in our billing systems (and supporting those systems) means we’ll be able to focus more on improving the great product you’ve grown to love. 

With our legacy model, we want to provide a fair and transparent pricing approach that can change as Postmark evolves, while at the same time being generous to our most loyal customers. 

I’m on an enterprise/custom plan—is it covered by this policy? 

Custom plans are created on a case-by-case basis and are handled separately from our standard plans. We may re-evaluate these plans from time-to-time, and will reach out directly if there are any planned pricing changes.

Last updated July 5th, 2023

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