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Pricing & Billing FAQ

How does Postmark's pricing work?#

Our pricing is based on the number of emails, inbound or outbound, live or sandboxed, that we process for you each month as part of your existing plan, or in addition to it. We do not charge extra for the number of users you add to your account, number of contacts you send to, or number of domains you send from.

You can use this handy calculator to estimate what plan will work best for you, based on the number of emails you expect us to process for you each month. If your volume varies, that’s ok. You can consume additional emails outside of your plan, or change your plan from one month to another. Our pricing calculator can help you determine which option is more affordable for your particular scenario. Changing plans or consuming additional emails may make your invoice look a bit more complex. To make things easier to understand, we've wrote this guide

How can I pay?#

All payments are processed automatically, on a monthly basis. This means that each month we will charge your credit card based on the plan you’ve selected and any additional emails you’ve consumed outside of that plan’s quota. Currently, we do not offer any annual plans, nor do we offer payment by invoice or PayPal.

I need some time before I upgrade, do you have a free trial?#

We sure do. In fact, we have a trial with no expiration date. When you  sign up, you’re automatically put on a free Developer plan that includes 100 emails per month. You can stay on the Developer plan for as long as you need, to test, and to share with your team all the benefits Postmark can offer.

Do you have any ongoing promotions?#

Yes, we do! Postmark started out as a bootstrapped startup, and we’re happy to support our fellow bootstrappers with a 75$ credit. To be eligible for the Bootstrapper credits you should be fully launched, not receiving any outside funding, and charging for your product. If you meet the criteria, sign up, send us a message saying you’re applying for the Bootstrapper credit, and be sure to include a link to your pricing page!If you’re a happy Postmark user, and you want to help out a friend onboard - we’ve got you covered! With our Friend & Family Program, you can refer any paying account and you’ll both get one month for free. Just send us a message and be sure to include the email address of the account you’re referring (or the account you’ve been referred by.)

What happens if I consume all emails in my plan?#

Your sending will not be paused. We will charge you for Additional emails outside of your plan. Currently, it is not possible to disable sending of Additional emails, or set up any limits to your sending. To track your consumption, we recommend setting up Delivery and Bounce webhooks and tracking those numbers as indicators of consumed emails.

How do I change my plan and view my invoices?#

You can change your plan at any point from the Plan & add-ons page in your Account. You can view the receipts for your invoices on the Receipts page in your Account

What do different things on my invoice mean?#

We recommend you read this in-depth explanation of different items that can be found on Postmark invoices.

Last updated August 17th, 2023

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