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WordPress plugin and CX App updates

Our WordPress plugin now supports metadata, and we made some improvements to content personalization in the CX App for ActiveCampaign.

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Postmark’s WordPress plugin now supports metadata
After adding tag support a few months ago, our WordPress plugin now also supports adding metadata to messages. It works by adding a filter for ‘postmark_metadata’ that hooks into a function that returns the array of metadata you wish to attach to a message.
Check out the full details on the official plugin page.

Improvements to content personalization in the CX App
Until recently, the Postmark CX App in ActiveCampaign used a different syntax for content personalization than the rest of the AC platform. With this fresh update, contact fields and custom contact fields have been aligned with the rest of the AC platform.
This means you can now add personalization to your ActiveCampaign templates using contact fields, using either the %UPPERCASE% or %camelCase% syntax. All the info is available on this support page.