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Updates to the Postmark Wordpress Plugin and Java Library

Postmark's WordPress Plugin now supports tags and we've updated our Java library to fully support newer versions of Java JDK.

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Postmark’s WordPress Plugin now supports tags

Tags are a handy tool to help you categorize your emails in Postmark — and we now added tag support to Postmark’s WordPress plugin! If you’re using the Postmark plugin to send your WordPress emails, you can now apply tags to your messages using one of the following two options:

  • Set an X-PM-Tag message header, i.e. array_push( $headers, ‘X-PM-Tag: PostmarkPluginTest’ ); where you are calling wp_mail().

  • Add a filter for ‘postmark_tag’ that hooks into a function that returns the tag you desire.

Please note that using the ‘postmark_tag’ filter will override a tag set via message headers.

A big thank you to our friend DorZuberi for requesting this update and working with Patrick from our Engineering team to get this PR out the door.

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Updates to Postmark’s Java library

We have updated our Postmark Java library to provide better support for the Jakarta community and to fully support newer versions of Java JDK. Igor from our QA team took care of these requests with the latest updates. Postmark’s Java library now provides full support for Java versions 16, 17, 18, and 19.

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