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Postmark's invoice emails now include a PDF receipt

This is a small update, and one that's been bothering some of you for a while: Postmark's invoice emails now include a PDF receipt, making bookkeeping less cumbersome.

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In the past, when you (or your accountant) wanted to grab a PDF copy of your Postmark invoices for record keeping, you had to log into your Postmark account, navigate to the billing section, and generate a PDF copy. That's clearly not a fun process—especially when you have to repeat this process monthly.

Starting today, you'll no longer have to go through that trouble. Your PDF receipt will be attached to your invoice email, so it will automatically land in your inbox whenever we process a payment.

Pro tip: Did you know you can add billing contacts to your Postmark account? You can specify the additional email address(es) that will receive billing notifications (and those handy PDFs, too)—saving yourself that additional task of forwarding the email to the right folks.