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How do I customize a receipt, generate PDF receipts, & add additional email addresses for receipts?

Setting a Custom Receipt Memo#

Postmark lets you set a custom Receipt Memo field on your receipt (i.e., to include your address, add your company name, or add a Tax ID).

To set the custom Receipt Memo:

  1. Select Account and then choose Billing Details.
  2. Add your billing address, Tax ID, etc to the Receipt Memo field.
  3. Then choose Save billing info. Receipt Memo field

Adding billing notifications recipients for receipts#

After you have added a card to use for purchasing credits, you can also add additional recipients for receiving receipts, notifications about payment errors, and alerts when credits are running low. This is useful if you need to get receipts to your Accounting department and do not want to have to forward the receipts manually whenever credits are purchased.

To set an email address to receive billing notifications:

  1. Select Account.
  2. In the Overview tab scroll down to Billing notifications. In the email address field, enter the email address for the recipient to receive receipts.
  3. If you want to add more than one recipient, choose Add another contact to add additional recipients.
  4. Select Save changes to finalize the additional email addresses where receipts will be sent. Add another contact to Billing notifications

Please note: The recipients added for Billing Notifications will not be added Postmark Users. They will not be able to log into Postmark and access your account. To add them as users, invite them to your account.

Changing The billing address of your receipts#

The billing address is automatically pulled from your card details, so in order to update your billing address, add your card again with the updated address and then remove the old one, this is done on your billing information page.

Changing the "Bill To" name:#

Postmark automatically pulls the Account owner's name and uses that for the "Bill To" field on receipts. So to do that the account owner would need to log in and change his account name from his profile page.

How do I get a PDF Version of my receipts?#

PDF receipts are automatically attached to the invoice emails we sent you whenever we process your payment. You can also generate them from within your Postmark account:

  1. Select  Account and then Receipts

2. There you can click on a receipt and then click the "Print" button.

3. In the Print menu you can save the receipt as a PDF, as seen in this example: 

4. Save.

Can I make changes to previous receipts?#

No, all changes explained above will only reflect on future receipts.

Last updated September 5th, 2023

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