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Introducing the Retention Add-on

Postmark stores message content and activity data for 45 days by default. But what if 45 days is too short? Or too long? With our new Retention Add-on you can adjust retention from 7-365 days.

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We're so excited to share that you now have full control over how long you'd like to keep message content and activity data in your Postmark account. With our Retention Add-on you can:

  • Increase your data retention to up to a year. Maybe you're delivering digital goods via email and need to keep proof that you actually sent those emails. Or your support team would love deeper visibility into past email activity. Whatever your use case, setting longer retention time will help with troubleshooting, record-keeping, and compliance.

  • Decrease your data retention and make sure Postmark will purge all customer data after 7 or 28 days. This is a great option for all senders who frequently deal with DSR requests under GDPR.

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