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Improvements to the Postmark App in ActiveCampaign

Sending transactional emails from within ActiveCampaign just got easier: If you’re using ActiveCampaign to create marketing automations, you will now find the option to send a transactional email in the main “Sending Options” section of the automation builder.

Once you’ve authenticated your Postmark account, you’ll be able to integrate all kinds of transactional emails—whether that’s a receipt, an event reminder, or more—into your automations.

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Plus, here are two more updates to the Postmark app we thought you might like:

  • You can now connect to Postmark using OAuth rather than having to find, copy, and paste your API keys—for a faster, more seamless experience when connecting Postmark and ActiveCampaign.

  • You can now set tags when creating a transactional email in ActiveCampaign. Tags come in handy when you’d like to categorize and view your messages within the Statistics and Activity tab in your Postmark Message Stream.

10 ways to use Postmark and ActiveCampaign together

Together with our friends at ActiveCampaign, we’ve put together 10 transactional email automation recipes, that’s pre-built sample automations that you can use right away—or use them as inspiration to build your own automations.

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