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Introducing the Postmark Data Removal API

You can now erase recipient data from your Postmark account with the help of our new Data Removal endpoint.

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Previously, if you needed to delete any recipient data from your Postmark account, you would reach out to our support team who would process the data removal on your behalf.

Earlier this summer, our team started working on a solution for data deletion requests via our ”Help a CS friend out” Experimentation week: a new API endpoint that would make this process easier for customers and Postmark's Customer Support team.

Now, with our new Data Removal API you can automate the whole process, erasing recipient data from your Postmark account, and reviewing the status of a Data Removal request.

With this new endpoint, you can:

  • Remove blockers in the Data Subject Request (DSR) process

  • Remain GDPR and CCPA compliant

  • Gain peace of mind for yourself and your clients

Since this endpoint erases data, we have it turned off by default - reach out to us in support and we can enable it for your account. Check out our API documentation to learn more.

More options for putting data removal on auto-pilot

Another option for automating the data removal process (without having to implement a new API) is our Retention Add-On, a handy add-on that lets you control how long Postmark keeps your data.

By default, Postmark stores message content and activity data for 45 days, but with this add-on, you can decrease your data retention and make sure Postmark will purge all customer data after 7 or 28 days. This is a great option for all senders who frequently deal with DSR requests under GDPR.