Write for Postmark

Creating a tutorial for the Postmark blog gives you the ability to reach our targeted audience while helping Postmark better serve its developer community.

Lady behind a laptop surrounded by programming books.

What we’re looking for

As with our core product, the Postmark blog aims to be an invaluable resource for developers who want to design, send, and receive better and more reliable emails with their applications.

We’re looking for tutorials that cover broad topics related to transactional email such as delivery, reputation, design, tools, and testing, as well as tutorials for using Postmark with specific languages and systems such as Python, Rails, Laravel, Node, and so on. If you feel your writing and ideas will be a good fit for the Postmark blog and its audience, we encourage you to apply!

Official API libraries for all your favorite languages and frameworks.

What we pay

Payments per post range from $200 to $300, depending on the complexity of the tutorial. The amount is paid when the tutorial is published.

Most tutorials will fall into the $200 category (see a sample here), while in-depth or complex tutorials, such as those packed with code samples, will fall into the $300 category (see a sample here).

All payments are made in US dollars to a PayPal account of your choosing.

How the process works

#1: Apply

If we invite you to write for us, we’ll work with you to decide on a topic and create an outline for your tutorial. Your material must be original content; we do not republish work that has already been published.

#2: First Draft

Once we’ve agreed upon a topic, we’ll set a deadline for your first draft, and then you’ll start writing.

#3: Editing

When your first draft is complete, you’ll work with us to edit and polish your tutorial, then get it ready for publishing.

#4: Get Paid 🎉

After all revisions have been made and your tutorial has been published, we’ll send your payment. Ta-da, we’re done!

Applications are closed

We’ll let you know via the Postmark newsletter and Twitter when we’re next looking for writers.