Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Making it easier to get started with Postmark

A while ago, we’ve introduced Message Streams and Broadcast sending with Postmark—and because there’s so much more you can do with Postmark now, we’ve made a few in-app tweaks to make it easier to navigate all that Postmark has to offer.

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In-app guidance to help you navigate Servers and Message Streams

What’s a Message Stream? Why are there different ones? And what in the world is a Postmark Server? Great questions, friends! Those should not stay unanswered. That’s why we’ve added a bunch of contextual help throughout the Server and Message Streams pages in the Postmark app to help you get started on the right track.

Is this message a broadcast or a transactional email? We help you decide

We know that the lines between transactional and bulk email aren’t always very clear, so we’ve created this handy quiz that helps you decide whether your email is a better fit for our broadcast or transactional streams. If you pick the right one, we can guarantee the best deliverability for all types of emails.

Just answer a few simple questions about the message you’re planning to send and we’ll tell you what stream is the best fit for your email.

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Creating sender signatures by default

Before you can send emails with Postmark, you’ll need to verify your FROM address. We learned that most Postmark customers use the email address they signed up with to send their first email, so we’re now automatically setting up the sender signature for that email address. If you’re new to Postmark, that’s one less manual step between you and your first email. ✉️ 🚀

Design updates

If you’ve been with Postmark for a while you might notice that some areas of Postmark look a little different. We made a handful of design changes to improve contrast and legibility throughout the app.

As always, if you have any feedback, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.