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Introducing SMTP Tokens: Expanded support for using Broadcast Message Streams via SMTP

With our new stream-specific SMTP Tokens, you can specify what Message Stream you’d like to use to send email—without having to add custom headers.

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When sending mail with Postmark via SMTP, there used to be only one option for you to specify a Message Stream: You’d authenticate with a Server Token and specify the Message Stream you’d like to use with the `X-PM-Message-Stream` header (that’s the Message Stream header). If you have the ability to set custom headers, this works great. But we’ve heard from some of you that your SMTP clients don’t let you set custom headers, making it impossible to define a Message Stream for sending. That’s not cool, so we set out on a mission to fix that!

Say hello to our brand new Message Stream SMTP Tokens! 🎉