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Winner of the Postmark Inbound Contest

A few weeks ago we did a little contest for Postmark inbound. It was originally just a little script we wanted to write for ourselves, but we figured we would offer some credits and give people the opportunity to build something around our tools.

The goal: build a simple app that sends Google Alerts to Campfire using Postmark’s inbound tools.

The winner, Matt Gillooly, submitted a rails app to do just that. It will easily run on something like Heroku, where you can insert the keywords for the Google Alerts along with the campfire room to post them. We’ve been testing it internally and it works great!

Thanks Matt! And, if anyone else wants to try it, grab the code on Github and contribute back.

Chris Nagele

Chris Nagele

Love to travel with the wife and kids. Wannabe race car driver. Not so healthy obsession with Building Science.