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Contest! Bring Google Alerts into Campfire using Inbound Processing

Want to get 25,000 75,000 free Postmark credits? Well here’s the chance! Our team wanted to build ourselves a little tool to get Google Alerts into our Campfire chat room whenever someone talked about any of our products. While we were discussing it we thought instead it would be an awesome little contest to get to meet some of our developer community and also see what someone else could do with Postmark’s Inbound processing.

How it should work #

Our team spends a lot of time in 37signals’ Campfire chat client. A few of us have Google Alerts set to keep track of basic buzz around the internet about any of our products. What we’d like is for those alerts to be posted directly into our Campfire. This way, the whole team knows if something is going on or if there’s some great press going around.

Google Alerts come as an email to anyone subscribed. Using Postmark’s Inbound processing, you can have that emailed alert get processed and posted to Campfire using the Campfire API. How you do it is up to you.

Rules #

Some ground rules to qualify

  1. You can use any language you want. Whatever makes you happy.
  2. The code needs to be open sourced and hosted somewhere like Github.
  3. Should work with Google Alerts and 37signals’ Campfire chat client.
  4. It should work!
  5. The code needs to have tests built in.
  6. Campfire rooms and keywords must be configurable.

Submission #

We’ll be taking submissions until June 11th 12pm EST. Just email us with a link to where it’s hosted so we can review it and take it for a spin. Make sure to include your account email address for us to add credits. If it works and follows the rules, we’ll add 25,000 credits to your account.

We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with!

Natalie Nagele

Natalie Nagele

Wildbit CEO. Love my kids, travel adventures and parties.