Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Weekly Email Digests

At Postmark, our goal is to be an extension of your infrastructure – you set it up once and then forget about it. This can cause problems though – while we’re sending your emails with no issues, you aren’t really keeping an eye on problems (like bounces, spam, etc). Yesterday we launched a new major feature which will help you keep track of your servers’ activity without needing to login – weekly digests.

The new Postmark email digest!

You can subscribe to digests on our new Email Notifications page under the Account tab. Once subscribed we’ll send you an email (one for each server you’ve subscribed to) every Monday with statistics, recommendations and hints. Here is what you can expect to see:

  • The total number of sent outbound and processed inbound emails, and how it compares to previous week.

  • If you use tags, we’ll show a list of the tags used most. This could be an easy way to gather some statistics about your app, like how many people signed up (if you’re sending a welcome email), cancelled accounts (if you’re sending a farewell email) or reset their password.

  • The number of spam complaints received during the last week. We’ll warn you when your spam rate is high or you’re risking suspension.

  • The number of bounced emails with a list of the most popular bounce reasons.

  • Processing failures for inbound emails with a list of recent errors.

  • Sending volume for each of your signatures. We’ll also provide you with recommendations on how to improve your delivery rate by setting up email authentication in your DNS records.

We’re looking forward to providing you with even more data in the future. In the meantime, go to the Email Notifications page and subscribe to all of your important servers!

Eugene Fedorenko

Eugene Fedorenko

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