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Postmark product update: December 2016

As we close out another year, here’s a quick summary of what’s new at Postmark from the past couple of months, as well as what we have planned for you in 2017. It’s been a busy couple of months, so let’s dive right in!

Advanced user roles and permissions #

Advanced permissions was one of our most-requested features, and it’s with great excitement that we finally released that feature last week. In short, we added two new user roles:

  • Account Admins have all the permissions of an Account Owner, except they can’t delete the account.
  • Server Admins have access and edit rights to all the information on servers they are assigned to. They can edit templates, view server API Tokens and inbound email addresses, etc. They cannot see servers they haven’t been granted access to or view any account-related details.

We also added the ability to add additional email addresses to send billing notifications to. These users won’t have user accounts on Postmark, but they will now be able to get the receipt, payment error, and credit usage information they need without having to log in anywhere. 

For complete details about the feature, you can read the announcement blog post.

Webhook improvements #

We made a lot of progress on webhooks over the past few months. Most importantly, we added a webhook for delivery events so that you can get real-time notifications for those events and integrate them into your app in a variety of ways. See the announcement blog post for more detail. 

With the bounce webhook we added “From” and “ServerID” fields, as well as an API field for setting “Include bounce content in webhook”.

If you haven’t checked out Patrick’s blog post on how to make the most of webhooks, I really encourage you to do so. He writes about all the different ways webhooks can be useful to you in your application.

A lower pricing tier #

Until recently you would’ve had to purchase at least 500,000 credits to qualify for a discounted rate on Postmark. That didn’t seem right, so we added a new, lower priced tier of $1.25 per 1,000 emails at 200,000+ credits.

This means that if you’ve been buying between 200,000 and 500,000 credits on a regular basis, your price per 1,000 emails will go down from $1.50 to $1.25. And if you’ve stayed away from volume purchasing because 500,000 emails was just a little more than you needed, we hope that the new 200,000+ tier will give you an opportunity to buy in volume and save some money.

You should also check out our new pricing page, which now features a fancy calculator to figure out the best rate for your needs.

About this year, and the next… #

I’ve been with Postmark for about 9 months now, and one of the most important things I learned during this time is that we are — and should be — a hidden product. Your end users should just get their password reset or order confirmation emails right away, every time. They shouldn’t even know we exist. And that means that our focus for 2017 will remain on the areas that will make us, well, “disappear” from your lives: a robust API, reliable delivery, useful message insights, and great support.

That’s it from me. I’ll end the way I always end: with an invitation for feedback. Send us an email with your thoughts; I’m always interested in hearing how you use Postmark and how we could do better.

Rian van der Merwe

Rian van der Merwe

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