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New Code Examples Postmark Inbound in PHP & Python

Hot on the heels of the Node.js example we shared last week, we recently had two new “mitt” libraries contributed to make it easy to process JSON data sent in Postmark Inbound’s webhooks.


Joffrey Jaffeux has built a well documented PHP mitt, and has even included instructions for using this code to process inbound emails in CodeIgniter projects.

NEW Python Mitt:

Inspired by Joffrey’s contribution, Jose Padilla developed a similar project for using Postmark Inbound in Python.

And don’t forget that there is still the Postmark Inbound rails gem developed by Randy Schmidt.

Many thanks to both of them for their contributions!

We are actively looking for your contributions for other languages to add to our developer documentation. If you write a code sample or library for Postmark Inbound, please email us at Contributions are appreciated and quality contributions are rewarded with free Postmark credits.

We have a low-traffic API developer email list that you can join as well.

Alex Hillman