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Introducing Postmark Inbound: Easily parse replies & other incoming email into JSON for your app

Postmark started by solving the pain of sending emails from your web applications. Today, we’re closing the loop by making it just as easy for everyone to be able to parse incoming emails.

Postmark can now take your inbound messages and package them up as JSON objects for your app!

You already know that if your web app sends email, it’s sending it more reliably with Postmark. But wouldn’t it be great if your web app knew how to listen for incoming emails? We thought so too, that’s why we created Postmark Inbound.

Every Postmark server now includes an inbound email address. We’ll turn anything you send to this address into a beautifully formatted JSON object and post it to your application over HTTP, complete with email contents, headers, even attachments.

Postmark inbound is perfect for: #

  • Replying to in-app messages.
  • Analyzing and acting on email content.
  • Creating tasks, reminders, and posts.
  • Using email to upload files.
  • And more!

We’ve worked hard to keep Postmark simple, including how you pay for it. Just pay for what you use, starting at $1.50/1000 emails. The same Postmark credits can be used for outbound and inbound email processing.

Try Postmark Inbound today #

Postmark Inbound is available for all Postmark customers and new accounts immediately. Our developer documentation is available to help you get started.

Sign up for your own account and get started right away.


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Alex Hillman