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API Update: Manage Servers and Sender Signatures

Some of the most frequent feature requests we get have to do with adding more API endpoints to further automate the Postmark experience. Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve added not one, but two new API endpoints to make automating your Postmark experience even easier!

Server API #

First is the new Server API which you can read more about in the developer documentation. The Server API allows users to add, remove, or edit a Postmark Server completely free of the website front-end.

When issuing  a HTTP POST to create a new Server, all the information about that server will be returned to you:

POST <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    "ID": 112412,
    "Name": "Production Server",
    "ApiTokens": [
    "ServerLink": "",
    "Color": "blue",
    "SmtpApiActivated": true,
    "RawEmailEnabled": false,
    "InboundAddress": "",
    "InboundHookUrl": "",
    "BounceHookUrl": "",
    "InboundDomain": "",
    "InboundHash": "61d363165df897131e3fd15"

From this point you can use the API Token to immediately start sending messages through this server. You can also edit and remove servers as needed, all through the API.

Sender Signatures API #

The Sender Signatures API allows you to maintain all facets of your Sender Signatures including DKIM and SPF administration. Similar to the Server API, the Sender Signature API will allow you to add, remove, or edit signatures. You can also administer DKIM and verify your SPF records!

To allow users to administer items in their Postmark account at this level, we’re introducing the Account API Token. You can find your Account Token in the Account tab of your Postmark settings. The Account Token must be used in your authorization HTTP Header (X-Postmark-Account-Token) in order to use the Server or Sender Signature API.

Here's what your API key looks like in Postmark. Keep it secret. Keep it safe!

We hope you enjoy these two new API features!

JP Toto