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Tags support for SMTP

Today we released an update to Postmark that will be a big help to our SMTP customers. Tags are now officially supported just like in the API!

What are tags? #

Sorting and cataloguing messages by tags in Postmark is easy!

Adding tags to your messages let you categorize them for sorting and searching later. You can search your Postmark activity feed by tag, allowing you to find messages faster. In addition, with our upcoming open tracking, tags will allow you to segment campaign statistics.

In the example above, the user added the product-orders tag to order emails to their customers. They may use a different tag for password resets or confirmation messages to make the messages easier to search later on.

Searching for Messages by Tag #

Since you added tags to help categorize your messages, it would make sense that you could search by them, right? Enter the Messages API! Using a GET Messages API call and filtering by tag will show messages which include that tag.

GET <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    "TotalCount": 1,
    "Messages": [
            "Tag": "product-orders",
            "MessageID": "33560647-52ab-40de-92a-jfkdjk89ac08",
            "To": [
                    "Email": "",
                    "Name": ""
            "Cc": [],
            "Bcc": [],
            "Recipients": [
            "ReceivedAt": "2014-02-14T11:14:25.5323963-05:00",
            "From": ""Order Fulfillment" <orders@yourcompany›.com>",
            "Subject": "Parts Order #5454",
            "Attachments": []

Now that tags are fully supported in SMTP, we think it will be a big help to keep your messages organized!

JP Toto