What happens when credits run out?

Postmark relies on credits for tracking usage and billing. Each credit is equal to one message sent through the system. This includes whether the email has bounced or reached the recipient.

When credits run out, one of two things will happen depending on your account settings.

  1. Your account will auto-renew based on the number of credits you specified.
  2. The credits will expire and emails will be rejected from sending through the API.

1. Auto Renewal

If you purchased credits already, you can set the system to auto-renew. This helps avoid any outages or missed emails in the case where you cannot react fast enough to replenish credits. For the auto-renewal, Postmark will charge and replenish your account when you have used up 90% of the credits from your last purchase. For example, if you purchased 1,000 credits, we will renew your account with 1,000 more credits once you have 100 credits remaining.

Why 90%? This gives us time in case your credit card is declined. We send a series of email alerts letting you know so you can update the card.

2. Running out of credits

If your account is not set to auto-renew, Postmark will send you a series of email alerts when your account has 15% credits remaining from your last purchase. Depending on your volume, this should allow enough time to add credits to your account. Once the account reaches zero credits, any messages sent to Postmark will be kept in queue until a purchase is made. It’s very important to keep an eye on credit usage to avoid any disruption in sending.

In your account settings, you can also add Billing contacts to be alerted in case you are away.

We highly recommend using the auto-renew option to avoid interruption.

Effective, December 13, 2017 Postmark now offers Monthly Plans.

Existing customers are encouraged to move to a Monthly Plan but once you switch from using credits to a monthly plan there is no way to go back to a credits based account. Contact us and we’ll help fit you into the best plan based on your sending volume!

Last updated June 11th, 2020

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