How do I enable Link Tracking?

There are several options for enabling and using our Link Tracking feature. You can track links at the Server level (tracks links for all emails sent from a particular Postmark Server) or Message level (track links for individual emails manually). Both of these options allow for you to also choose whether to track links in HTML emails, Plain Text emails, or both.

Server Level

The easiest and quickest way to enable Link Tracking is directly from the Statistics tab for your Postmark Server. Scroll down to the bottom in Statistics to see the area for Link tracking. Click the toggle to enable link tracking for the Server from here.
If you wish to track all links for emails you send from this Server, you are now all set and tracking will begin immediately. If you would like to learn more about advanced options for Link Tracking, continue reading.

More Link Tracking Options

Link Tracking can also be enabled for a Server by opening the Server’s Settings, then clicking Outbound. Click the toggle below Link tracking to enable Link Tracking for all emails sent from this server. This option will track links for all emails sent from this server by default.
Once enabled, you will then have the option to track links in HTML or Plain Text emails. By default, links in both HTML and Plain Text emails will be tracked when you enable Link Tracking. You can disable link tracking for HTML or Plain Text emails from Settings > Outbound in the Tracking panel.
All emails from this server will now have their links tracked for the email types chosen by default. See below for details on how you can override these defaults at an individual email level.

Message Level Link Tracking

When sending using the API, you can set the Link Tracking behavior at the individual email level using the "TrackLinks” field. Options for this field are:
  • "TrackLinks": "HtmlAndText" - tracks links in both the HTML and Plain Text parts of the email
  • "TrackLinks": "None” - do not track any links
  • "TrackLinks": "HtmlOnly” - only track links in the HTML part of the email
  • "TrackLinks": "TextOnly” - only track links in the Plain Text part of the email
  • "TrackLinks": null - do not specify a value, uses the default for the Server

Disable Tracking for Specific Links

If you are tracking links in HTML emails, you can also opt out specific links by adding an attribute with value data-pm-no-track to the link. For example, this link will not be tracked: <a data-pm-no-track href=\"\">This link won't be tracked.</a>
Last updated October 20th, 2016

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