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How does open tracking work?

Open tracking works only for HTML emails. You can send a multi-part email (containing both plain text and HTML versions), but an open will only be tracked if the HTML version was opened. For every email you tell Postmark to track opens for, an invisible 1x1 pixel image is added. When the recipient opens the email and the image is loaded, Postmark will know that the email was opened.

Most email clients will download images by default, but some will not. If a person reads the email without images being loaded, an open even will not be tracked.

Postmark will record each time the email is opened, including multiple opens by the same recipient. Both unique and total opens will be displayed so you can gather both stats. Postmark will also provide you with the following data (when available):

  • Geographic information
  • Operating system information (Mac, Win, etc)
  • Browser information
  • Device and platform used to read the email

To enable open tracking, refer to the documentation.

When open tracking is enabled, you’ll see a checkmark on the message at the open tracking status field (See screenshot below). Note that the open tracking pixel is not visible in the raw source tab of your message view in Postmark activity to prevent a false-positive triggering of the pixel when someone is viewing a sent message in Postmark:

Last updated September 1st, 2023

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