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Wordpress SMTP Problems are solved with Postmark.

If you’ve ever been responsible for a Wordpress site but not been in control of the server you’re hosting it on, you might have run into issues where important emails - welcome emails, password resets, comment notifications, and more - didn’t send at all. This is usually because the server’s admin has disabled the default SMTP server, or perhaps disabled the PHP mail() method that Wordpress uses to send mail.

Or if you’re on shared hosting, you may have found these emails were sending after all - they were just going to your spam folder.

Today, we’re launching a Postmark Approved Wordpress plugin to make all of these problems a thing of the past.

Simply download our plugin from the Wordpress Plugin Directory or search for “Postmark Approved” from inside your Wordpress admin for the easy one-click install.

Postmark approved Wordpress plugin

Once installed, simply plug in your Postmark API Key and the email address of a verified sender signature, and you’re ready to go. We’ve even made it easy to send a test email to make sure it’s working before you click enable.

Why go “approved” when there’s other options out there?

The biggest challenge in having “unofficial” plugins in the wild is debugging problems when they arise. It’s also hard for us to know about how people are using the plugins, and what’s good or missing. We’re hoping that being closer to an “approved” plugin will allow us to keep a closer eye on the problems that Wordpress developers have, and evolve the plugin as well as Postmark to better serve the massive and growing Wordpress community.

As Postmark features evolve, we can help keep the plugin fresh as well.

Postmark has grown in part thanks to the support of dozens of the people who’ve created and shared Plugin & API wrappers for their favorite languages and platforms. We’re thankful for everyone’s hard work, and continue to work with third party developers to help deliver the best tools for working with Postmark.

Feature requests? Hit us up in the comments, or email us.

A Special Thanks

We invited Andy Yates, who we knew from his work on Magic Bean (a 3rd party iPhone/iPad app for our other product, Beanstalk), to lead the development of this plugin with our guidance and assistance. Always vocal supporter of Wildbit products, we’re immensely appreciative of Andy’s effort dedicated to this project.

Alex Hillman