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Postmark design updates & multiple API keys

Over the last few days we’ve rolled out some design enhancements to the Postmark web application, and we wanted to make sure you got to check them out!

We updated the Postmark dashboard

First and foremost, every server’s “Overview” screen has been renamed to a more descriptive “Statistics” screen. This view provides you an “at-a-glance” way to see what your sending statistics are looking like on a month-by-month basis, either as a graph with daily sending volume or as a table that also shows cumulative bounces and spam complaints for the month. The graph and the table now display information from the same month, making it less confusing to look at your sending statistics.

Use multiple API keys in Postmark

If you visit your Credentials screen, you’ll notice that you can now create additional API keys for every server in your rack, and even delete old API keys if you need to take them out of rotation. This will allow Postmark customers to follow better security practices. If somebody were to get ahold of your API key, they could send emails as you. Now, it’s easy to periodically create and install new keys, and since we allow you to run more than one key at a time, you can slowly and carefully phase the expired ones out.

We think that these improvements to UI and the secure use of the Postmark API will come as helpful & welcome additions to all new and existing Postmark customers!

Alex Hillman